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We begin with a meeting to discuss your business situation and specific needs. I make an initial assessment of your business structure and financial condition then discuss with you any risk areas and weaknesses that need improvement.  Based on that assessment, I will advise on the best course of action and design a customized work plan to provide you:

Total control, knowledge and understanding of your business operations and financial condition.

An efficient accounting and administrative system that supports your operations and business growth.

A practical and functional business plan, budget and accounting workflow procedures.

Coaching and training for you and your staff on the new procedures. 

 All services are customized to meet your specific business needs.

You will receive the training, know-how, strategies and professional support to keep you on top of your business.

Contact me to discuss your specific issues and identify what will work best for your business.  


I will provide you the know how to help you understand your business financial condition, make better decisions to achieve your goals, make more money and organize what's necessary for maximum productivity, efficiency and simplicity.

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I identify the "trouble" areas in the management of your operational and accounting systems and provide strategies and solutions to repair and improve those processes.

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I will build a solid integrated accounting structure that will support your business growth and achieve your goals. With my support you will be more confident to take the necessary actions to get the job done, focusing on what is necessary and eliminating what is not.

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I will help you simplify working processes to make your operations leaner & more efficient by reducing costs and increasing productivity.

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We (you, your staff and me) become a team, focusing on your business goals while meeting your needs to accomplish more than you would alone.

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