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Intuitive Advisory Services and Numerology to organize, reinvent and revamp your life while supporting your spiritual growth. 

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My services will inspire, empower and guide you into balance and order, unleashing your creative spirit as we restructure your life.

Life will flow easily just like a dance…hence, the name Dances of Spirit™.

Blessings! ~Lillie Cintrón

About Lillie Cintron, MBA

I've been a Numerologist and Intuitive Advisor for over 20 years and also have 25+ years of accounting & business management experience (which does come helpful during my sessions, too.)

My mission is to advise people in a holistic way that integrates who they are with what they do and what they want to accomplish.

I will guide you through the necessary changes with a winning formula that will lead your life towards order and prosperity. You will feel inspired and confident with a clear sense of what to do next. Whatever your circumstances, there's always an answer and solution. I will help you put it together and lead you into the path where your life becomes a happy dance...


Want to make changes in your life, career or business?

Going through a life-altering transition and need reassurance on the next steps?

Wondering what to do, where to start and how to do it?

We all have those moments when we wonder if this is all there is; when we know that changes are needed or coming our way...

My passion is helping clients go through those changes and achieve their dreams with fewer delays and less effort. From your current situation to where you want to be, I provide you the answers, ideas, solutions and strategies to move you forward with the action plan to make things happen.

Intuitive Consulting

My private sessions provide a unique mix of intuitive consulting and spiritual coaching that bring awareness about your life path and what you’re going through. Using the ancient method of numerology and the wisdom of oracle cards, I show you the way to achieve your dreams, handle life, relationships, career and money issues.

From the first session, you will get a clear understanding of your situation, how to handle it and the healing that will move you towards a joyful and balanced life. My services will help you deal with any type of life-altering transition, such as divorce, new relationship, relocation, job loss or new job, career change, marriage, break-up, new baby, opening a new business, etc.

Begin by giving me a call, free of charge, so we can further discuss your situation and how I can better serve you. We will make the plan that will best work for you.

Your new life awaits to be discovered...

Inspire. Empower. Thrive.

Practical Spiritual guidance for everyday life.

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