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When the going gets tough...

No matter how well structured and organized you may be, things do get complicated some times. And as we undergo the transitions to revamp your life, career or business  you can also expect some issues to rise up. Depending on which circumstances you find yourself in, I will provide you the solutions and strategies to get things in order and under control. From dealing with staff shortage emergencies, cleaning-up accounting system issues or preparing for a career change, among others, you will have the guidance and support that you'll need. 

Call for an assessment of your situation and how I can help. 

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Business IS Personal!

Lillie Cintron, MBA August 2015

Let's face it, if you're an entrepreneur you wear many hats, which constantly overlap each other. On top of that, there's a thin line between your business and personal time so your business issues affect your personal life and vice versa. This situation becomes overwhelming, taking the joy out of living the dream of owning your own business.

If you focus your attention on making the money, the admin and accounting goes to the back burner until an issue arises that finds you in the position of not knowing where you stand. So this is where I come in. To relieve you of the tasks that take too much of your time so you can better focus your attention, energy and efforts doing your income earning tasks.

You deserve a well organized and under control business. So let me take care of the accounting and admin tasks that are overwhelming and time consuming. Let me develop a customized workflow system that supports your business growth instead of getting in the way of it. No matter what stage your business is in, whether start-up, expanding or downsizing, I will design the structure that will make it soar.  

Call for a complimentary assessment phone session to get to know each other and how I can contribute to your business prosperity and make your peace of mind a reality.  

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revamp /rēˈvamp/

1. To change or re-organize something in order to improve it.

2. To renovate, reconstruct, redesign, make-over, restructure, renew.

Life Revamping



"Taking the weight off your shoulders and the worries off your mind."

Whether it's setting up your business accounting structure or dealing with accounting program issues, processing payroll or designing a work flow system that's simple and efficient, my services will take the load off your shoulders and the worries off from your mind.

I work on a project basis to create a working structure that fits your needs while addressing the specific issues and tasks that take too much of your time and energy. Give me a call to assess your business situation and discuss how I can help you get your business in order.

I specialize in structuring, set-up and organizing of all internal functions of accounting and finance programs. As a former Arthur Andersen auditor with over 24 years of combined Controller & Consulting experience, I apply my expertise to every job that I do.

I have built my practice by effectively shaping accounting operations, workflow and internal control systems, together with the creation and implementation of policies and procedures that meet the Companies’ reporting needs and compliance requirements.

My strongest areas of expertise are streamlining and organizing of accounting processes and work flow systems as well as change management. I can contribute to your company’s growth based on my ability to quickly and accurately assess situations, identify problems and key in on strategies that achieve outstanding results. Once the system is in place I also provide the staff training and coaching necessary to make the new changes work smoothly.

You will have an audit-proof accounting system, lean operations, sound internal controls, 100% compliance and tax-ready financials. 

I provide five unique features:

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I will provide you the know how to help you understand your business financial condition, make better decisions to achieve your goals, make more money and organize what's necessary for maximum productivity, efficiency and simplicity.

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I identify the "trouble" areas in the management of your operational and accounting systems and provide strategies and solutions to repair and improve those processes.

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I will build a solid integrated accounting structure that will support your business growth and achieve your goals. With my support you will be more confident to take the necessary actions to get the job done, focusing on what is necessary and eliminating what is not.

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I will help you simplify working processes to make your operations leaner & more efficient by reducing costs and increasing productivity.

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We (you, your staff and me) become a team, focusing on your business goals while meeting your needs to accomplish more than you would alone.

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What to expect

We begin with a meeting to discuss your business situation and specific needs. I make an initial assessment of your business structure and financial condition then discuss with you any risk areas and weaknesses that need improvement.  Based on that assessment, I will advise on the best course of action and design a customized work plan to provide you:

Total control, knowledge and understanding of your business operations and financial condition.

An efficient accounting and administrative system that supports your operations and business growth.

A practical and functional business plan, budget and accounting workflow procedures.

Coaching and training for you and your staff on the new procedures. 

 All services are customized to meet your specific business needs.

You will receive the training, know-how, strategies and professional support to keep you on top of your business.

Contact me to discuss your specific issues and identify what will work best for your business.  

What you can expect:

Accounting Management 




Training and Coaching

How it Works

I become part of your team as a consultant, not as part of your payroll.

Your specific business needs are taken care of because my services are customized to address these needs. 

I assist you in the overall accounting management of your company not just bookkeeping.

I develop a system that works for your business rather than fitting your business into an "accounting-in-a-box" system. 

I setup the programs, workflow and procedures needed while you take care of your business operations. 

I provide the extra hands and know-how needed when new work or issues arise, staff shortages, handling emergencies or while transitioning accounting systems, etc. 

The Outcome

You will notice the changes and improvements from the beginning and as we continue, you will incrementally experience the results and benefits of a well-controlled business. Throughout the development of the project we will achieve the following:

Catching up and getting ahead on your business financial situation.
Improve your bottom line by effectively controlling costs.
Better handling of business problems.
Comfort in making key financial decisions.
Prioritizing of actions and projects.
More free time to enjoy your life with stability and peace of mind!

My services will provide you a well structured and flawless accounting system, 

lean procedures, audit-proof books and tax-ready financial reports.