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Below is a list of guidelines and standards for conducting the sessions. Please read carefully and sign at the bottom as your agreement to follow and comply with them.

• Your full commitment is necessary for you to achieve the expected results. Please be punctual with your appointments. Make sure that you are ready at least 5 minutes before your online session begins and arrive 10-15 minutes before each session at my office. Tardiness will reduce the time of your session.

• Cancellations require 24-hour notice to avoid cancellation fees.

• Before each session, please send me an email with a brief update of what’s happened since the last session. Any feelings, concerns, questions, what you did if I had given you any assignment and anything that you deem important to discuss. This is to save time on the session. Over time you will know better how to do this.

• If there’s anything specific or new that you want to work with, write it down with your questions and email them to me so I can prepare for the session.

• Please make sure that you record the session for future reference and please remember to start recording before we begin. If you’re recording on your smart phone, make sure that it works properly and that no interruptions will affect it. If a call or text comes in, it may stop the recording. If the session is online, make sure that you start the recording on your side.

• Your honesty and openness are key throughout this process. I can’t provide you any accurate solution based on incomplete or dishonest information. It’s also important that you are honest with yourself too.

• Always keep in mind that this is not therapy. It is not about extensively talking about your circumstances, explaining or processing out loud what I am expressing to you, as it will consume the time of the session. Rather, is about paying attention and listening to what I say about your situation in order to be resolved. I don’t need extensive information, only specific details that I will ask for and probably brief conversations about certain situations. In which case, I need you to focus in answering what has been asked.

• Keep a positive attitude and openness to accept the changes and actions that I recommend to you. Always keep in mind that I’m on your side and here to help you.

• Have an open heart and open mind. Enjoy the process and also be ready to hear the hard truths so you can crack open, release and thrive. You will receive a lot of new information and will be challenged, so allow it to sink in after each session and then listen to the recording, if needed, a few days later.

• At times, I will tell you the “hard truths” that you need to deal with in order to heal. If the information seems hard to grab, please let me know right away, so we can work on it, whether I explain it better or let you think it through. Do not fight, resist or try to explain your standpoint unless I ask you to clarify something. Give it time to sink in and for you to process (probably a few days) then send me an email with any questions and how it went. Trust me, it will make sense over time. (We will discuss this point further during our first session)

• The outcomes or desired results are subject to you following my recommendations. Things will not get settled, go away or get fixed on their own or by magic. You solely hold the responsibility of whether, or not taking the action recommended and/or making the decisions as suggested. You are also entitled to make your own decisions and change them as you please.