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Spiritual Counseling & Coaching

You'll love every minute of your journey!

My advisory sessions are sacred, spiritual and healing conversations where I deliver intuitive insights using your unique numerology and give you the guidance you need to make decisions and take action towards your desired life path. Each session provides you an in-depth look at your soul’s journey, your current situation and the life areas that need healing attention. 

There is a lot of processing and releasing of belief systems and thought patterns that hold you back. It is mental, physical, emotional and metaphysical. It is cathartic just as much as it is clarifying about your life purpose and the shifts that you're meant to do into a higher consciousness and awareness. Sessions are unique and highly individualized. (These are recorded so you can go back and review them, as needed). The focus can be on anything from releasing blockages that are holding you back, healing past trauma, working through a current hardship or helping you activate your highest potential and life work.

What to expect from each session

The sessions usually feel like a “talk therapy” with the professionalism, confidentiality and sacredness it entails and a unique twist... you will receive clear understanding of how to shift your circumstances, what to do and the strategy to make it happen. The sessions are enlightening. healing, fun and make you feel uplifted and inspired. I’m not there to fix you, but to empower you. My purpose is to always encourage you to look to your own power and find the solutions within yourself and recognizing your divine inner knowing.

So if you’re wondering about your life, what’s next and what you need to do to live in peace, harmony and joy… give me a call. Let’s chat on how I can help you tap into the wisdom that lies within yourself to help you reach your fullest potential.