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Re-Engineering Executive

25 years Accounting & Re-Engineering Experience

18 years Strategic Coaching and Organizing Experience

BBA Accounting Summa Cum Laude, MBA Marketing

Lillie Cintrón, MBA

My mission is to advise people through their business and life transitions in a holistic way that integrates who they are with what they do and what they want to accomplish. 

A Revamping of My Own

I offer a customized mix of hands-on and advisory services that will turn your life around and propel your dreams to success. My proven method is based on my ability to quickly and accurately assess situations, identify problems and key in on strategies that achieve results. 

From the first session, you will get a clear understanding of your situation, your strengths, challenges and opportunities plus the best course of action to get your ducks in a row and get things going. I will show you the bigger picture behind what you're going through and help you address the issues proactively so you can move on with ease.  

I’ve helped my clients find balance between their personal and professional roles in life and I look forward to helping you too.

​​Services are provided online, phone call or in person. Hablo español.

Phone: 727-365-3161  / Email: [email protected]

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